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A huge part of the healing of counseling is the power of someone with you. In counseling, Dr. Britt joins with you to overcome the weights you are carrying. She have specialized training in trauma, attachment, neurobiology and sex therapy. Check out the FAQs for the differences in counseling and coaching. 



Dr. Britt loves helping others take their life to the next level. It can be very easy to get stuck in emotion and allow that emotion (and the beliefs attached) to dictate to life experiences and achievements. Using her psychological background as a springboard, she will join with you to transform your world to the world you want to see--and the you that you want to be in that world. It can be hard to do it alone, but with a coach like Dr. Britt, who is truly in it WITH you, the sky is the limit to becoming your best self. 


Dr. Britt enjoys speaking to women and couples on relationship, sex, emotion, and the power living in your true, created nature. She enjoys bringing her full self to both small groups and large groups. 


Theory and application are not the same thing. So while we may have knowledge of something, application takes putting tools to use. Dr. Britt believes in empowering you will tools that you can use immediately to help bring about the results and version of yourself that you desire.

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