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Dr. Britt

I pursued becoming a counselor and coach because I wanted to help people feel like they could show up in the world as their real selves. My heart longs for people to grasp the depth that they can be fully accepted by someone who vows to be their most genuine self with them… and then use this connection to experience exponential growth. And in that process, we grow together.  


The reality is that life comes at us from all different directions—however, the meanings we make of what happens to us are what guide us. It is easy to get stuck in a thought process or a feeling based on upbringing, experiences and events. However, the brain (which contains our emotions) has the amazing ability to change—especially in the context of relationship. 

In addition to counseling and coaching, Dr. Britt and her husband, Josh, are passionate about marriages. They created SameTeam Forever, have a podcast and offer events to couples needing to regain deeper connection.

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