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A 12 week bootcamp to help you find the YOU that you were meant to be.


Are you ready to join an intimate community of women striving to reclaim what has always been and always will be theirs?

Hey Sunshine.
It's Time.

If we’re having this conversation it means that you are not living in the fullness of your femininity, your womanhood, your best self…and you know it. If you are feeling stuck, frustrated, broken, exhausted, empty, or you just don't like you - you know you aren't living to the fullest. You might even find yourself expressing emotions in a way that seems unhealthy and asking yourself doubt-filled questions like "what is wrong with me?"

You know the girl you used to be is in there someone or maybe you have never met her and yet, you can’t shake the feeling that you’re not who you’re meant to be. I know how that feels because I’ve been there and I know there is MORE for you. You have a destiny to become who your core knows that you are. Together we will tackle limiting beliefs, negative emotions and behaviors that aren’t working and replace them with ones that serve you. 



Hey Best Friend!

I'm Dr. Britt. Think of me as your best friend with a PhD which is the best of both worlds - advice with truth backed by science with a ton of love sprinkled in. This is where we grow together for you to become who you were made to be and live the life of your dreams ... because it is possible!

Why Bootcamp?


The concept of bootcamp is a method used by American Armed Forces to train troops that relied on working at a high intensity to achieve the best results possible in a short period of time. And that is exactly what we will do over the next three months! You will experience a community of women seeking their best in a safe environment all on the same path. This environment will allow you to play full out so you can get everything you came for... to fully become the woman you were created to be, the woman you miss or even the woman you only previously dreamt of becoming in a very short amount of time. There is something SO powerful about not doing this alone. In this exclusive, twelve week bootcamp, we will dive deep together, leaving no facet of womanhood unturned. 


This is for you IF any of these apply to you...

You know you need to grow in confidence

Boundaries feel hard

You struggle to be in a more feminine energy

You feel disconnected from your body (or maybe mean about it) 

You feel ruled by your emotion 

You simply want to know you more but are unsure how to

What This Actually Looks Like



Everything you want from yourself and for yourself is on the other side of you committing to yourself. This 12 week bootcamp is designed to help you become the woman you know you were made to be - no more just wishing for her!

What to Expect

  • Every week on Friday morning (starting February 17- May 5), we will meet in our zoom room for 90 minutes.

  • You will be provided with a digital workbook so that each week we are showing progress.

  • Facebook group dedicated to ONLY your class so you can have ongoing support throughout the bootcamp

I forgot to mention... this group is EXCLUSIVE. Only 10 women will be on this journey with you. 


Bouquet of Peonies


Week 1: Introduction
This is our week to get clear on what we want. We take a look at where you are so we can get you where you want to go.  We will work together to really solidify WHY you want this change/growth. You are going to experience an undeniable change and we’ll know what it takes for you to be certain of it!

Week 2: Lead from the Heart
This week will focus on what it means to lead from the heart. It’s so easy for us women to get in a place where we feel burnt out or stressed out because we’ve been leading from a place that doesn’t match our nature. I’ve definitely been there. So let’s head down a path where we can lead our family, others, ourselves from the heart. 

Week 3: Boundaries are Self-Care
Raise your hand if boundaries have felt hard to you… I’m over here raising my hand too. Here’s the truth. Boundaries CAN be hard, but they don’t have to be. I actually think that boundaries are one of the highest forms of self-care we can have. They help empower our yes along with our no. If you can't ever say no, it disempowers your yes. Together, we will follow a model for boundaries and deal with some of the baggage that might get in the way of you setting them.  

Week 4: Power of Feminine Energy
Between me and you, I think the concept of feminine energy is something that is confusing or just completely unknown. Sometimes, it even gets confused with feminism. Well–together we are going to get really clear on what it means to show up in your femininity, how it will help you and how to access it. All of this will connect back into leading from the heart and help you do it from a more heart-full place. Here, you will learn to be part of the best version of you.

Week 5: Confidence
Rightfully, this module builds off of previous modules. We have some handle some things together so we can remove that sneaky insecurity that’s lurking and install the confidence that has needed to be there. Confidence helps us see ourselves through accurate eyes. When we can see ourselves through accurate eyes, it opens up a world of possibilities for us. 

Week 6: Being in Your Body
In my time working with women, I have learned that women can struggle to be connected to their body. This can come from years of speaking mean to it, trauma or pains, or feeling like it just has one purpose (sexy time, feed/birth children). Over time, this can contribute to not feeling like you know yourself anymore or like you’re a shell of you. This is where we reclaim it. 

Week 7: Six Identities of Misplaced Feminine
Guess what? It’s so easy to end up in a place where you aren’t showing up in an identity that you wish you were. When we have been functioning in our masculine for too long, we end up operating as less than the best versions of ourselves. This often looks like: control, mean-girl, self-involved, victim, needy, or submissive. You and I both know that if these show up, they’re not the best version of you. Don’t worry! We have antidotes together. 

Week 8: Emotions - Thermostat Not Thermometer
This is our week to get clear on what we want. We take a look at where you are so we can get you where you want to go.  We will work together to really solidify WHY you want this change/growth. You are going to experience an undeniable change and we’ll know what it takes for you to be certain of it!

Week 9: Sexual Self
So if we’re going to reclaim you, we also have to reclaim any parts of your sexuality that have been lost along the way. This happens for a variety of reasons–but more important than that is how we get it back. This area of your life doesn’t have to be a casualty of age, motherhood, trauma, or long-term relationships. Get ready to reclaim and reawaken what has felt lost, sleeping or gone for good.  

Week 10: Desire
Building off of the previous module, the lack of desire is one of the things that women complain about the most. Many wonder where it went or if they’ll ever get it back. I’m here to tell you that all the weeks ahead of this one–we have been leading to the way you will be able to access this in a new way. We’ll not only work on your own receptiveness, but also on your pursuit of what it is that you want. 

Week 11: Shift the Meaning, Shift Your Life
You may or may not know this, but the meanings that we make of our life experiences dictate our experience of the world we live in. So we are going to spend some time shifting meanings that you have made in order to create ones that serve you and your life. 

Week 12: New You
Our final week together, we lock in place the woman you have become. This is the week we have been building to and I can’t wait to celebrate with you! I know that when we look back on where we started, we will be so proud together. Sunshine, this is YOU. 

What's the Investment?


Warren Buffet

Investing in you provides the highest ROI (return on investment) and research shows that "those who pay, pay attention." I also have a desire to help as many women as possible embrace the absolutely amazing, capable bad mamma jamas they are! You will not only have access to me - your new best friend with a PhD but you will also have lifetime access to invaluable resources and build a relationship with like-minded, ambitious, feminine women. I know that the topics that we cover in this bootcamp will change your life. I am so confident that I offer a money back guarantee. 

And by the way, what investment is greater than the one you are going to make in yourself? Let me give you a clue--there isn't one. What I know is that sometimes women will invest in everyone and everything else before they invest in themselves. I am standing here to tell you, remind you, urge you, that no investment is more important than the one you make in yourself. And if you need a little extra nudge--here's why: When you invest in you, care for you, you show up as a better version in all the other areas of your life. This is a win-win. 



What You Will Gain

  • You will know who you are

  • Confidence in yourself

  • The ability to create and hold boundaries

  • Understanding of your feminine heart and lead from it

  • Ability to understand and navigate your emotions

  • Reconnection to your sexual self

  • Peace in your world

  • Freedom to be authentically you

  • Connection to your best self

  • Empowerment to boldly go after what is yours

  • A community of like-minded women


Save Your Seat Now

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Don't wait! Join me for an unforgettable bootcamp starting February 17- May 5.

Meeting: 9:30-11am CST on Fridays

Cost of Program:

$2099 one time payment

$2499 payment plan*

Investment in Yourself: Priceless

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Working with Dr. Britt

Christine L

''For years I have had a constant concern about how I look, how others perceive me, that I am just not good enough. I didn't realize this ran as deep as it did. Since working with Dr. Britt, those feelings have DISAPPEARED. "

Paige H

"I have overcome so many things in such a short time since working with Dr. Britt. I could not recommend her more! She has given me tools to reduce my anxiety and actually live in my day to day." 

Jess N

"To say what has happened in my life since coaching with Dr. Britt is transformational would be a complete understatement! I was broken, lost, and self-destructive. Today, my life and I have done a complete 180!"



If at any point during the first 14 days of the bootcamp, you feel dissatisfied with the Reclaiming You Bootcamp, simply meet with Dr. Britt to discuss your dissatisfaction. If we are unable to resolve the problem, you will be refunded the cost of your investment. This guarantee is only available during the first 14 days of the bootcamp as group cohesion will be built and proprietary information will be shared.


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