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  • Brittany Lashua

Release the Baggage ... I Did!

Mental & Emotional Release ®

Your coaching experience with me begins with full emotional healing using the powerful process of Mental and Emotional Release ® (MER). We’ll carefully unpack the past so you can release, heal and integrate the negative emotions and beliefs that are holding you back from being who you want to be. I’ve done it myself, and I’ve guided others through this incredibly transformative experience in both a live audience and private, one-to-one setting. Releasing stored energy, emotions, beliefs and patterns enables you to lay a solid new foundation, creating the optimism and freedom to create the life you want. This process is one of the most powerfully uplifting experiences you will ever have. And, with my guidance and support, you’ll start to create your life feeling focused, elevated, determined and aligned with your purpose.

Conscious Change

MER leaves you feeling light and energetic. You will feel freedom from releasing those old, heavy and restrictive beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors. Next, we roll up our sleeves and get to work on the personal and professional areas of your life that are ripe and ready for change. I will help you get crystal clear on important questions like: What are my core values? Am I living in alignment with them right now? What needs to shift? Where do I want to be? What's my purpose? ​ I use proven techniques so you get 100% clear on what matters most to you. Because when you truly know your values and motivations – what makes you feel empowered and confident – the right responses and decisions start to flow with ease. ​ We also work on conscious communication, because whatever facet of your life needs to change – whether it’s your career, purpose, health, or interpersonal relationships – communication is essential. Even when you’re super clear on your own values, if you slip into poor communication habits, you will find the same previous patterns repeating themselves. Simply put, if you are unable to communicate your needs effectively, how can you expect to have your needs met in all areas of your life? I think you already know the answer to this. ​ Another essential part of the process is developing the skills to identify, set, and enforce healthy boundaries in all your relationships across the board. Your boundaries are derived from your values and belief system. Having clearly-defined values will help you to identify, then set, and protect your boundaries. For some, this means learning to say ‘no’. For others, this means finding the courage to ask for a shift in the behavior of another person. And, in best cases, learning to let someone know your values up front – at the beginning of the relationship which sets them up for success in honoring your boundaries. ​ When you work with me, you will make quantum leaps in how you’re living your life, and the net result will be result in the clarity and confidence to set and guard your boundaries in all your relationships. Everyone wins when we get clear about boundaries!

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