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Your Personal Direction Call

During your personal Direction Call, we will establish a connection which forms the foundation for your coaching success.


You will leave the call with high level tips and insight, and also a clear understanding of how my Integrative Breakthrough Coaching formula will help you become the person you’re destined to be.

Through a specific process I’ve used in my own life and with other clients, we will distinguish the areas of life you most need to work on right away, and then share with you a specific action plan for getting you where you want to be.  


The process is often enlightening, a bit surprising and exciting, as you put words to ideas you may never have expressed before. Together, we set the stage for an open, safe and inspirational path for your personal empowerment to unfold. Things are about to get exciting!

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"Dr. Britt has been so instrumental over the last few months. She has helped me conquer so many things which I did not think or believe was even possible."

Paige H

What keeps you from living the life you want?

So easily, we become stuck in a never-ending cycle of waking up, burning through the day and passing out. It's almost like living life in a trance you never wanted to be in. We develop unhealthy patterns and over-busy lives that leave us feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and depleted at the end of the day. We desperately want change and yet, with no idea where to start, the habitual patterns and cycles continue. This, in addition to early programming, creates baggage – a loosely wrapped term for anything that’s not serving you. Working with clients on a daily basis for over a decade now, I see a lot of common issues appearing over and over again. 

Here are some of the most common themes for us

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I feel stuck

I’m living day to day, going through the motions without any joy, vitality or meaning.

I am still hurting

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I have a hard time trusting myself and others--and I have feelings and behaviors  I wish I didn't. 

I have a lot of anxiety and fear

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My emotions are all over the place and they tend to derail my choices and behaviors.

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I struggle with boundaries

I say ‘yes’ too often and easily persuaded by others rather than trusting my own instincts.

I feel out of control

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I feel overwhelmed by my thoughts and can’t seem to get a grasp on the where I’m going.

I don't have meaning in life

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I’m successful or I’m lost and confused. I lack a sense of purpose and meaning.

"When I came to Dr. Britt, I was broken, lost, and unknowingly self-destructive. Today, my life has completely transformed. I now have joy, spark, and confidence in myself!"
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Jess N

What to expect during your Direction Call

During your Direction Call, we will assess your current challenges and then we’ll talk about how Integrative Breakthrough Coaching will help you to move beyond the current barriers and patterns that have been preventing you from getting to where you want to be. I’ll also share a roadmap for how to know which area of life needs your immediate attention. This is your time to lay it all out on the table and decide that you are ready, willing and able to make yourself a priority – TODAY.  

What you recieve during your Direction Call

You’ll come away from your Direction Call with high level tips and insight, and also a clear understanding of how my Integrative Breakthrough Coaching formula will help you become the person you’re destined to be.


Discover your next steps!
Your best life is waiting for you!

To receive your Direction Call with Dr. Britt, please fill out the questionnaire below in its entirety in a way that reflects your genuine interest for further guidance. 

Investing in yourself is one of the most rewarding things you will ever do for yourself. A Direction Call is an investment in yourself which is why once you submit your questionnaire, you will be receive an invoice via email for $159.*

*If you enroll for 1-1 coaching within two weeks of your Discovery Consultation, the $159 will be applied to your tuition.

Integrative Breakthrough Coaching Questionnaire

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Thanks for submitting!

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"Dr. Britt helped me unlock a version of myself that I did not know existed. Today, I get to boldly walk in my femininity and not be held back by the weight of past traumas."

Taylor A

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